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Navbar - I edited it years and and need to make a change but can't find what I did.

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  • Navbar - I edited it years and and need to make a change but can't find what I did.

    Years ago I tweaked my navbar and added two more links that went to an external URL. For example I added a link to my online store and one to a google type member map.

    Well, Frappr is gone and my store has moved. I have spent the last 2-3 hours trying to find the changes I mad without luck. I only have one style and the navbar found by searching in the templates does not show the changes I made. It's driving me crazy.

    Where else could I have made the changes? I read all the posts I could find here and at and all the posts I find that show me how to tweak the navbar show basically the same thing. They all point me to the navbar template under styles but there is nothing there.

    Is there a .php file I might have tweaked? I can't believe I can't remember this.


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    Did you add the custom URL's by a Modification that would be listed in the product manager?

    AdminCP -> Plugins & Products -> Plugin Manager

    That's the only other thing I can think of off hand that you could have edited/changed to create custom NavBar links. (Outside of the usual NavBar template...)

    Another way to check, is to turn on your template tags and view the source of your forum page. There will be additional comment tags that will tell you which template is loading. Find the URL's in the source view of your page and see which template they are loading under.

    To add the tags:

    AdminCP -> vBulletin Options -> General Settings -> Add Template Name in HTML Comments -> YES/NO

    Then, right click on your forum page after the change and choose "View Page Source" (or whatever your browser has for that option on the right-click menu)
    To be updated...


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      I'm such an idiot. Thanks for the help. It was a plugin. I NEVER would have looked there for it.

      Thanks again!!!!!


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        Hey, we're human.. things are forgotten.

        No worries, glad you got it resolved.
        To be updated...


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