No announcement yet. changed their API and broke paid subscriptions.

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  • changed their API and broke paid subscriptions.

    I've posted this to the trouble ticket system, but I'm repeating it here to alert other users. Apparently in the last 48 hours has changed the way they handle decimals. Previously a transaction for $10 was handled as $10.00. Transactions now have 4 decimal places, so the $10.00 is now $10.000. As a result, charges are failing hash checks.

    What does this mean for admins? It would appear that the transactions are being approved at's end - we're receiving the money; the problem is that the user gets a Hash Check Failed message and the forums don't update their membership level. Transactions are shown as "failure" in the transaction log, but are approved when you look at the report. End result: customer thinks the charge has not gone through, reattempts to charge, gets another error message, wash rinsh repeat until they quit. I've had to void more than a few charges as a result - if I don't catch these before COB batch-out, they are treated as valid charges and I then incur fees to refund them.
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    Nicely spotted, and thanks for sharing. I admin a site where they use this paid subscription as additional option, and have disabled it for now. Thankfully no payments on in the last 3 months though. They all used paypal on that site.


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      Yep - I just ran into this as well. Got a complaint, and it was exactly as you described.

      I've had to disable my payment processor until this is fixed. Is this going to be addressed in 3.8?


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        You would need to raise a Bug for this if you haven't already

        EDIT: I see you have...
        Vote for:

        - *Admin Settable Paid Subscription Reminder Timeframe*
        *PM - Add ability to reply to originator only*
        - Add Admin ability to auto-subscribe users to specific channel(s)
        - "Quick Route" Interface...


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          Could this be what Paypal have done earlier in the year. Their IPN system is a real mess, and, exactly as described here, payment for a subscription renewal is taken but the user is not elevated within the usergroups. After a number of failed IPN's Paypal disable the IPN system.

          This Paypal problem is blighting hundreds if not thousands of users, and I for one have been searching for a solution for over 3 months, something as insidious as an extra couple of decimal places is going to creep under the radar of any developer because in the real world it has no real impact. ( I can't think of any currencies that go to 4 decimal places.)

          Could I ask a developer to follow this angle through, it makes sense given that it's only renewals, which of course will have been extablished to 2 x decimal places, and new subscriptions (which are unaffected) will be governed by any new 4 decimal places system.

          Edit - just in case this is the issue, I've amended my subscription charges to a 4 decimal place format, and I'm crossing my fingers!
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            I am experiencing this issue. I have entered an MD5 hash with no luck. Please help ASAP!
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              I'm having this problem too. Users who pay for their subscriptions (we use are not advancing to the new, paid usergroup. We have to do this manually when we receive a copy of the email receipt from In the transaction log, all transactions show up as "failure." Users are retrying their order and I'm having to refund duplicates. We have a very busy site and I really need a fix for this.

              Has any headway been made on this issue?


              Ooops .. I'm on 4.1.3.


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                I thought this was fixed already. Let me check the tracker...
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