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  • Emails not sending


    This is pretty urgent since users don't receive emails after registration or when using forgot password.
    Also email notification for topics not working.

    I didn't do any changes to the forum, this error just appeared from nowhere.

    I ran email test @ diagnostics in Admin CP and that is working!

    I updated to 3.8.5 and still have the problem.
    The forum is medium with 155,000 posts but I'm running a dedicated server.

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    Are you logging your email actions to a file?

    Can you see what is happening when the forum trying to send an email to someone?

    As you stated, the test is working - so the basic mail function is working from the forum to your mail server.

    Lastly, are you using SMTP or sendmail?
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      SMTP Email: No
      Use Mailqueue System: YES


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        Anyone from VB can help? Should I open a ticket?


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          Originally posted by deepak7 View Post
          Anyone from VB can help? Should I open a ticket?
          If you don't get any further replies here, then you should open a ticket.

          I'd recommend turning on your email logging and go through the user registration process yourself with a test account and see what the log says about emails that are going out. (or any other forum function that generates an email to be sent to a user...)

          If the email is sent successfully from vBulletin, the problem then lies with your email host or whomever is processing your mail downstream. Nobody will be able to help you here if there is a problem outside of vBulletin.

          See this section in the Manual for Logging and other diagnostic tools:
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            I have this same problem. the admin cp email diaognostic says there were no errors but I don't get the email. it's not in spam either.

            same settings too

            SMTP Email: No
            Use Mailqueue System: YES

            no site email are getting sent.

            any help would be appreciated


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              trevor, thanks

              the emails just stopped working. i hadn't changed any settings & as far as I know, the host did not update the server. it's possible that they did. in the admin CP when i send email, there is no error & it says emails sent. this is on a site running vb 3.81

              I turned on email logging but I still don't see any log file. I don't know why.

              the mail is not going out & it's not a spam issue. I've looked in my spam folder & can't get any email from my site.

              I went thur the link you posted. I tried -f, my webmaster email is fine, I don't know the SMTP settings or if that's an option.


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                i just did the test email in diagnostics & I see a possible issue. it lists an old invalid email in the sendmail_path. i checked the webmaster email in setting & the technical email in the config file. both are correct. I don't know where it's still finding that old email address.


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                  I've tried all the options in the suggested links above. I am running 4.0.3 PL1 and when I go to Maintenance and send a test email I get it. However when I use the "Send Email to Users" options the email never arrives. I also checked the spam filter and it's not there either.

                  Any ideas?


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                      What do your mail logs show?

                      There are a myriad of reasons for emails not going out, the majority of them relating to the email server, not vBulletin.
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                        I have searched my ISP ( and the Control Panel and I couldnt find any email logs. What's wierd is the test email works, but anything else doesnt. Where would the log files be?


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                          when I do the admin / diagnostic / test email deal the sendmail_path: shows an old email address. i have no idea if this is part of the problem or not but i might as well fix it.

                          I checked the vb config file & it's got the new email
                          i searched the DB in case it was some hidden setting that I lost track of & the old email isn't anywhere

                          SMTP: 	localhost   	sendmail_from: 	None   	sendmail_path: 	/usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i -f [email protected]
                          where does the site grab that email so I can fix it?

                          no mails are going out. not even using the diagnostic test

                          I checked and no changes have been made to the server. i've made no changes to vb. emails just plain stopped working

                          i'm on vb3.81


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