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Need to reassign Different Username to Posts.....

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  • Need to reassign Different Username to Posts.....

    A number of posts within a forum all have an incorrect Username assignment. The postings are all valid.......only an incorrect Username shows as the author.

    Is there a way to reassign the correct username to this group in one fell swoop, i.e., is there a way to reassign all names in a global fashion?

    Thank you.

    Trent Roberson

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    How exactly is the username incorrect?


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      Response to incorrect use of Username......

      There are 4 Administrators.

      There is a Super Moderator designated who also happens to be an Administrator. Both have different permissions......most likely an unnecessary error in how they were originally set up.

      Their posts previously written over a long period of time now and submitted as the Super Moderator, carry the Username of the Site Administrator *me) and not their Username which was originally assigned.

      Both the Administrator and Super Moderators have been assigned for a very long time, permissions included, and none of those have been updated for well over a year.


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        I'm sorry, i still don't understand how the wrong persons username is showing up on (a) post(s)


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          Neither do I understand how it could happen. That's the issue I'm trying to resolve. How did it happen?

          The only two items I felt "might" be contributing to it is that the original user's posts were done by a particular individual who has both Administrator and Super Moderator status. And, since neither sets of permissions are the same, In that scenario, that's a unique condition to the whole forum.

          The other incident was that the issue was discovered AFTER updating from 3.84 to 3.85. However, I was also informed that the only difference between versions was the size of one of the tables.

          And, per their instructions, I have looked into the verification of correct files being on the server and so far in all those tests, everything is checking out.


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            There is no way in the default software for a users posts to be posted by anyone else. Can you show me a screen shot of the issue?


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              Indeed. What were the latest changes/modifications you made to your forum prior to this happening?


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                Here's the page in question.....


                The Username of the creating author is Professor BirdBrain and the articles were done under the author's login of that name.

                The error in this case is that BirdBrain is my Usernames and, further, NONE of the posts in the link above were done by me.


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                  The only way thats possible is if someone had access to your account, or you merged users. There is no way for this to happen in the default software.


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                    Back to an earlier question......

                    What is the procedure to reassign a Username to a different one so that the posts show the correct author?


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                      There isnt one in the default software and there is no easy query off the top of my head to fix the issue.


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                        Actually, I need to clarify something in case you didn't notice in the sample forum entries I pointed out earlier......

                        Per the link below, Professor BirdBrain is the User who posted the notice. Disregard the notice as to its message.

                        The issue with it, and other more recent ones, is that the entry, once saved, defaults to the User BirdBrain and NOT to Professor BirdBrain who made it.

                        Even though there may not be a simple fix to correct the existing posts, what would be causing the problem noted above?

                        See this link:

                        Thank you for all the attention and the follow through.

                        Trent Roberson


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                          I do not see anyone named Professor Birdbrain


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                            That's my point.

                            Professor BirdBrain created all the posts in the forum I mentioned earlier. The issue is that BirdBrain is shown as the Username to the posts.....including the most recent one written yesterday.

                            I am the Username BirdBrain but had NO role in any of the posts referenced earlier, all which were done by Professor BirdBrain.


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                              What were the latest changes/modifications you made to your forum prior to this happening? Or it happened like that, out of nowhere? I asked because if we can locate the source that caused it, we can find a solution for it quicker.


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