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  • Move MySQL Tables

    I want to move the vBulletin MySQL tables to a new database on the same server. Is this possible? Is there a recommended procedure for this?

    (All the tables have a vb_ prefix.)

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    Yes, you can. It's pretty simple to do that with phpMyAdmin, for instance.

    Standard cautions: backup everything. Make backups of your backups. Make sure your backups work. If you've never used phpMyAdmin (or similar tool), don't try it.

    Why do you want to do this? Just creating a backup? The reason I ask is because if you're moving these tables because you think that vBulletin will now access the new database after you just move the tables, that's wrong: you've got a couple vBulletin settings you'll have to change, too.

    I don't have time ATM to write out the procedure, but you might want to head on over to


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