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  • Cookie bug?

    Ok, I was browsing around my site like I do every day in firefox 3.6.3 All of a sudden, the site decides it doesn't want to load for firefox but the admin panel works fine?

    I say ok hmm.. what's going on... I check the admin cp and the cpu & ram are barely above 1 percent (they're usually at 0.3-0.4) View all processes shows the index using 1 percent. At this point I go into the admin cp & disable hooks. The index loads fine even though I know that I didn't make any recent changes...

    So I decide to check the site in google chrome with the hooks re enabled. The site loads just fine, nothing wrong but the firefox browser still wouldn't load.

    So finally after all of this, I go and clear the cookies for my site:
    *Right click ----> view page info
    *Click security
    *View cookies --> from there I clear all the cookies for the related site.

    FINALLY firefox decides that it wants to load it and I no longer have any issues... any idea on what could have been the cause of this???

    I'm using vbulletin 3.8.5 with these mods installed incase anyone recognizes a mod that is known for giving cookie problems.

    [tk] Post Notes 2.2 Make reputation comments visible in posts without refresh

    Admin Log In As User 3.10 This hack will allow admins to log in as any user.

    Affiliation 4.5 Show all of your affiliates.

    Ain - Advanced Google AdSense 7.0 advanced system to show adsense on forums

    Automatic Thread Tagger 1.2.0 Extracts keywords from thread titles and uses these as thread tags.

    Cron Based Mail Queue 3.8.001 Send queued e-mails in batches via the vbulletin cron system

    Cyb - Advanced Permissions Based on Post Count 4.4 Cyb - Advanced Permissions Based on Post Count

    Cyb - PayPal Donate 4.8.2 Cyb - PayPal Donate

    DNSBL/Open Proxy Monitoring 2.0.8 Open proxy monitoring and blocking

    Facebook Connect 2.0.6 Allow your users to login with their Facebook account.

    IM Steam 1.6 Makes a Steam IM card like the MSN, ICQ, AOL, Yahoo and Skype IM cards

    Insert Copyright 1.0.0 Insert Copyright Text Into Post

    KX - Spider Permissions 1.0.0 This allows spiders to be placed in a special usergroup or select the features you want them to use.

    MARCO1 H1 Tags 2.0 Add H1 Tags on your threads/forum display

    Members who have Visited 3.8.002 Display members who have visited the forum.

    Miserable Users 3.8.001 A way to really annoy anyone you don't want visiting your forum.

    Prevent DoublePosts 3.8.005 This Modification prevents doubleposts by merging posts together if the last poster of a thread tries to post again.

    RU Media BB Code 0.11 BB Code to embed media links. Please donate $1 to to support the future of this mod.

    Sorky03 - SubForum List Control - V1.8.0 1.8.0 Allows extensive control of how SubForums lists are displayed (vBulletin 3.8.x)

    Usergroup Color Bar 2.0.0

    Username HTML Markup 2.0

    vBExperience 3.8.5 Calculate activity of your users

    vBExperience Arm of Law 1.2.0 Gives points for infraction executioners

    vBExperience Level 70.0 vBExperience Level

    vBSEO :: Sitemap Generator 2.5 Generate a Google & Yahoo Sitemap for your Forums

    Video-Directory 1.3.0 vBulletin-Integrated Video-Directory

    YABBSEO[vB] v1.1 YABBSEO[vB]
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    There have been known issues about using Firefox 3.6.x and vBulletin (see -- and it's a FF problem, not one with vBulletin). I've had problems where I can load the ACP and not the forum, but that was generally due to having installed a vBulletin update incorrectly or not having done something that the update required.

    You've got the added fun of a lot of add-ons that might just not like Firefox. Or it could have been coincidence.

    My question would be, "Has this happened again?" That is, "Can you make the problem happen again?"

    For what it's worth, I've got this one website I use that is fairly crashtastic in Opera (and is missing some features), better in Safari (and is missing features), even better in Firefox (but often times out), even better in Chrome (but still times out), and most stable in IE 8 (though it still crashes 10+ times a day).


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