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RSS Instructions very unclear.....

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  • RSS Instructions very unclear.....

    I have attempted to clarify this issue before but still have to ask the same question.

    In Admin, I have activated RSS and selected the foru, etc. However, the BIG question is WHERE do I find, or determine, the URL that will be called for viewers to park bookmarks on their browsers?

    In vBulletin tutorials, the following makes no sense at all for example.....

    If you set this option to 'yes', you can call it by going to:

    For example, if one of the forums at a client site is per below, what is the correct set up to point viewers to the RSS Bookmarks so thay can track this forum?

    Thank you.

    Trent Roberson

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    I second this question. The RSS Mgr asks for a URL and help for this address is not useful, specifically the portion I've bolded:
    I've gotten a successful feed preview in RSS Mgr, but it does not appear to include the characters following ".php".

    Referring back to External Data Provider in the cBulletin Options Mgr, I've set up RSS there that implies that I should write specific info into the RSS Mgr's URL string. Do I?

    Regardless, where is the RSS access button/link on the Forum's front end that readers can engage? If that's not a feature, what address do I use? I can still use the feed to push data elsewhere even if readers cannot use it to subscribe.


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