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Cannot get SSI to work in new style

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  • Cannot get SSI to work in new style

    I am trying to create a new style for my forum (3.8.5) to match a new look for my site and I am using server side includes on my site design. The SSI works fine on my site design but I cannot get them to load on the forum. Does anyone have any insight to this?

    I have tried both

    <!--#include virtual="/includes/nav.php" -->


    <?php include("/includes/nav.php") ?>

    and neither one will actually produce the content. (yes, I have them pointing to the correct file location. I have used the full path as well as the shortened path) When the style is loaded it just shows the code I used. This seems simple but I must be overlooking something. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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    SSI's don't work in the templates. See:


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      Thanks for the help! Took a little bit of playing but I was able to get all three of the php files I wanted to include working. Thanks again. Now I just need to figure out how to apply my css, specifically the font size, to the included files. Any suggestions on that?

      btw - as I have my new design setup - I have one css file controlling the entire look which includes the php files I have as SSI. Should I break that up and put the css styles directly into those php files?
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        You could just include the css file in headinclude.


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          I did that and everything from the css file works right except for the font size. Both the nav.php and the footer.php file show up as coded - but they are about two sizes larger on the board than they are on the rest of the site. Background, layout - everything is right except for the font size - any idea why that would be?

          here is how the forum link:

          and here is a site page with how the font size should be:

          I have two different css files controlling the pages - with the only difference being the padding for the sidebar and main content (using vbadvanced made the forum list too cramped at the site settings so I minimized or eliminated the padding for the forum css).

          Hope that makes sense.


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            I finally figured this out on my own. In the Style Manager, the ' <td>, <th>, <p>, <li> ' section was listing a 10pt font along with the standard font types. Needless to say, that affected all of my menu items as <p> and <li> cover a lot of items on a regular page. If anyone else is having trouble with a css not showing font sizes properly, just delete those two items and all will be well.


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