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Answers requested regarding 3.8.4/5 license and download

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  • Answers requested regarding 3.8.4/5 license and download


    Would someone kindly clear up the confusion for me regarding 3.8.4?

    I own the license.

    My yearly fee is due again in three weeks.

    I don't want to "upgrade" to v.4. I simply want to install and continuing using v. 3.

    Am I allowed to download v. 3.8.5 up until my expiration date - April 21?

    Will there continue to be support for v.3.8.5 even though v. 4 is out?

    What is the cost to continue using v.3.8.5 and support? Is it still $60 USD?

    Any other information I should know, and didn't ask about here, appreciated.

    Thanks, 1of12

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    Yearly fees don't exist. You can't receive vBulletin 3.8.5 until you buy an upgrade for your license to vB4 software.
    That's it. If you REALLY can't say ANYTHING nice to me at all on this forum, then I am going to go insanely mad at you. I've had enough of the UNTOLD ABUSE you are all giving me and you should really be CONSIDERATE of other people.


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      To answer your questions, properly, in the order you asked.

      A) You Own the license, that's a start.
      B) You will not be able to pay the "yearly" fee as you used to. It has changed.
      C) That's fine. You can continue to run VB3.8.X
      D) Yes, you may download 3.8.5 now. In regards to updates after April 21 (The current expiration date you mentioned.) you can't download 3.8.6 if it comes out and you have not yet upgraded to a VB4 license.
      E) The 3.8 series will be supported with patches and fixes until VB4.1 is released. After that, I believe Security Patches only as the product is going "End of Life"
      F) Your cost now, I believe it is $175 [forum only] if you do it before your current license activity period expires. This will allow you access to VB4 and the rest of any VB3.8 updates still yet to come. Otherwise, you have access to VB4 and it's updates until VB5. (No more yearly renewal fees... $175 [forum only] and you are done.)

      Note: The VB4 Forum Only is just that, the Forum piece only. Otherwise, there is the Suite, which contains the Forum, CMS and Blog systems. (Higher price of course.)

      Key points to take away from this:

      - 3.8.5 will be available to download now and forever, since you have an owned license and it was active when 3.8.5 was released.
      - In order to get ANY updates for VB3.8 after April 21, you will have to buy a VB4 license.
      - There are no more yearly fees in regards to receiving product updates.
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