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Some get 'banned' message at times while not banned

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  • Some get 'banned' message at times while not banned


    We are using vBulletin version 3.8.3

    A few members contacted me that they get the 'you're banned' message at times while not being banned, neither does any of their IP's matches the ones we put on the banned IP's list. There are no spaces in that list either. Odd thing is that at times these people can browse the forums, and suddenly they cannot.
    The members are getting message like "the administrator has banned your IP address"

    What can be the possible reason? Please help.

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    Is their IP being shown up as denied in .htaccess? If not, then I don't know why they're being banned. How are you banning the IP's (like, whole IP or first three parts of an IP etc?)
    That's it. If you REALLY can't say ANYTHING nice to me at all on this forum, then I am going to go insanely mad at you. I've had enough of the UNTOLD ABUSE you are all giving me and you should really be CONSIDERATE of other people.


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      We don't ban IP through .htaccess. In vBulletin ban list we have give whole IP address for the users to ban. But the members showing banned their IPs are not listed in the ban list.


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        Please stop creating duplicate threads about this issue. One thread is enough.

        Try disabling your modifications/plugins and see if you still have this problem.
        Note: To temporarily disable the plugin system, edit config.php and add this line right under <?php

        PHP Code:

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