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  • Problem with Test Forums

    Hello everyone.

    I recently began setting up a test forum for my site. The problem I'm having is that everything I do on my test forum, also happens on my live forum.

    The cookie path was the same when I realized this, so I tried changing it on the test forum. However, this also changes it to the same thing on the live forum.

    Would appreciate any help.


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    You're using the same database as the live site instead of taking a backup and using it.

    What you need to do is:

    - backup your live database
    - create a new database and import your backup to this
    - amend the config.php file in your test directory to point to the new database and change the cookie prefix to be different to your live site
    - log in to AdminCP and change the Forum URL in vBulletin Options > Site Name / URL / Contact Details

    You should now be able to work without affecting your live site.
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