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    ok i just edited my config.php file so now it looks just as what you showed and still have the same problem, now how would i run an sql query to replace all instances of old with new cuz i think that should fix the problem right? cuz i also noted that sum URL's i have in my forums dont work cuz they have the old domain oh and here is my Admin CP screen u want thanx 4 all the help and time u are providing.


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      Originally posted by shadowla05 View Post
      ok here is a scrren of what i have and it looks correct other now if it is hard-coded urls in templates which i think thats the problem how would i fix that??

      Search for the old domain name in the templates: Styles & Templates -> Search in Templates. You can use find and replace here, but be *very* careful. Personally I would just do a search, and open each template that the search shows as containing what you searched for, and then paste the new domain over the old one. It won't take long.


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        thanx 4 the tip but i tryed it and nothing comes up

        i have no idea what i did but now i can see all my images there sum url's not working but ill go over to since they are regarning a plugin.

        But i found another problem which i think it migh b more simple to fix i just dont know how to, well now when im not login i can view images posted and sigs that members have.when i log in all i see is the url of the images i have no idea how to fix it.

        Not Login Screen:

        Login Screen:

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          i hate to bump but im need help please any one?


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