I have a list of question

* I am currently using hostgator and it allowed 25 concurrent MySQL sessions. Is this enough when my traffic can goes up to 200-300 during peak period. At normal times, I have 100 members active. Currently I have over 8,000 members.

- Do I need to move my host?
- Do I need to move to VPS?
- Does location of the host matters? As my audience is in Asia but I thinking of US host as the price is cheaper

* If I decide to move my host,

- What happen to my MOD? Do I need to reinstall them again as my site is heavily mod
- What happen to the license? if both site is using the same domain , can I use Vbulletin at both host during this transfer where Vbulletin is installed at both host?
- Any instruction to move host?