whats the easiest way to keep 1 or 2 users from creating tags?

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  • tribedude
    Senior Member
    • Feb 2002
    • 326

    whats the easiest way to keep 1 or 2 users from creating tags?

    I have a couple of users who are abusing the tag system but otherwise OK as users. how can i prevent them from creating tags.
  • Zachery
    Former vBulletin Support
    • Jul 2002
    • 59097

    Move these users into a primary usergroup that cannot create tags.


    • Lynne
      Former vBulletin Support
      • Oct 2004
      • 26255

      Maybe write a plugin that gives those users a No Permission page if they try to add tags? I'm not really sure, but that is probably what I would try to do.

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      • tribedude
        Senior Member
        • Feb 2002
        • 326

        Its been a long time since i've done this ... What are the steps needed to create a clone of the basic "registered" user, and then disable their tagging privileges?


        • Trevor Hannant
          vBulletin Support
          • Aug 2002
          • 24185
          • 5.7.X

          If you go into AdminCP > Usergroups > Add New Usergroup, you'll see a dropdown which lets you create a group based on an existing one. Do this then edit the privileges accordingly.
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          • zomega
            Senior Member
            • Apr 2006
            • 165
            • 4.0.0

            Did you try ordering them to stop? My method of handling them is telling them to stop and then giving them an infraction accordingly. If they keep ignoring you, ban them. Your site, you're the head hancho not them.

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