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URL BBCode doesn't change its look

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  • URL BBCode doesn't change its look

    Whenever I post an url, I would like it to get marked.. Maybe add a color to it, like: this one or maybe this one. I think you get the point.. My links look exactly as normal text, and I think that's annoying...

    I know about the method of going somewhere under "body" and changing it, but then it also changes it on the links to the forums, when you're on the main page, and that looks ugly..

    I would like it to just change it in threads/posts

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    BUMP, I would like an answer to this, please...

    It could also get like a different color + bold text, or something.. or an underscore, that goes away when you have mouse over (This would be best), but I want this only to take effect in posts & threads. Not in the main forum...


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      Sorry, I don't know what you are asking. Please explain.
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