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    My board includes a number of user groups. Each user group has its own forum. Only members of User Group A can see User Group Forum A, only members of User Group B can see User Group Forum B, etc.

    I'd like to set up separate calendars for each user group as well. So that only members of User Group A could use User Group Calendar A, only members of User Group B could use User Group Calendar B, etc.

    I've created the user group calendars, no problem.

    But I'm having trouble setting the permissions. At the moment, everybody can access all the calendars. I've read the instructions in the user manual, but they aren't making sense to me. Could somebody please give me the "calendar permissions for dummies" version?

    Thanks so much!

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    I ended up creating a support ticket for this question, and after some back-and-forth e-mails the official answer was that what I wanted to do was not possible without custom coding.

    But I got it to work. It's actually pretty easy to do. So, just in case somebody in the future wants to do this, here's what I did.

    1. In Usergroup Manager, edited Registered Users and set all values under Calendar Permissions to No. Did the same to each of my custom user groups.

    2. Under Calendars -> Calendar Permissions, edit the one user group that "owns" each calendar. Click "Use Custom Permissions", and set all custom calendar permissions to Yes.

    3. Give the Registered Users user group permissions to see/use the Default Calendar. Make Default Calendar the last calendar in the calendar display order at Calendars -> Calendar Manager.

    That's it. All other calendar/usergroup relationships use the default values. And members of User Group A will see Calendar A, members of User Group B see Calendar B, etc. And members who aren't in any user group will see the default calendar. (Anybody can get to the default calendar using the calendar jump box at the bottom of the screen.)


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