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trouble making 2 navigation bars

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  • trouble making 2 navigation bars

    I'm trying to put modify my board to use two navigation bars, one at the top and one at the bottom of the screen. Once that's working, I'll modify the top one to include only the most commonly used options, and leave all the options at the bottom.

    So I think I've figured out approximately how to do that, but it's not working. I'm hoping someone can tell me where I've gone wrong. Here's what I've done.

    1. Tested to see that there could be two navigation bars by modifying the template FORUMHOME. I left $navbar near the top, where it was, and added $navbar near the bottom, between the end of what's going on box and the start of the icons and login code section. Tested it; got identical, functioning navigation bars at the top and the bottom.

    2. Created two new custom templates called navbar1 and navbar2. At the moment, both are exact copies of the navbar template. I figure I'll get them to display first, and modify them later. (I created them by editing the navbar template, changing the title from navbar to navbar1 or navbar2, and saving. THey show up in the template list under custom templates.

    3. Modified the FORUMHOME template again. Changed $navbar at the top to $navbar1. Changed $navbar at the bottom to $navbar2. Saved.

    4. Went to my forum home page. The page displays, but with no navigation bar at either the top or the bottom.

    Can somebody please tell me what I did wrong, or suggest point me to a more appropriate place to get help?

    Thanks loads!

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    I don't mean to seem impatient, but it's been a couple days and my post had slipped down to page 6, and I'm still looking for help with this. Any guidance, please?



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      Not sure why nobody replied to this.

      The issue is that there is code in vBulletin to call and build the navbar template.

      If you want to create a navbar2 template, you are going to have to add a plugin to build your new navbar2 template. Incidentially, I would leave navbar named navbar unless you have a specific reason for not doing so.

      The function you are looking for is fetch_template() but we are not allowed to discuss code modifications here at Otherwise, I'd just provide you with the code necessary.


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        Goldie -
        You might get faster input over at, there are quite a few instances of this type of inquiry over there, and I'm sure you can get the look you're aiming for.


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          my tutorial over at will tell you what you need to know


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            Or, if you're crafty with CSS, you could just create your own navbar for the bottom. If you're not wanting to use any drop-down menus on the bottom, that would probably be your easiest fix.


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