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Insert image results in a broken link

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  • Insert image results in a broken link

    I have an od issue on my forum. Just upgraded to 3.8 from 3.6, so I don't know if 3.8 is the issue, or just a bad image. When a user (or even me as admin) tries to add an image, it's ends up as a broken link. When I view the source of the resulting page, the URL has 2 spaces embedded in it.

    This is the image URL (it's kid safe!!):

    On this site... it keeps giving me a message about the image not being valid?

    Here is the thread on my forum with this red-x. When I first added the image to the post, it's showing in the WYSIWYG editor... but not the preview.


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    BTW, I did disable the plug-in system and try... it didn't help. I dont have any complex plugins, but I thought I'd check anyhow.


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      Any ideas? Or is the answer here on the forum somewhere, but I just can't find it.?



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        Hello??!?! I thought this was a support forum, monitored by vBulletin staff? It's a simple issue, really. I've had vBulletin for 5 year and never had an issue like this. If it's a setting somewhere I've screwed up, then please give me a hint at what I should check.



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          huh... a while back I gave vBulletin a glowing review because the response to an issue I had was replied to and fixed in what measured in minutes. Guess this not apply anymore. Please remove my reference.

          Well, for those who care, I fixed the problem. The setting "Number of Characters Before Wrapping Text" applies this logic to image tags... so it was putting spaces in the image URL. I'd say this is likely a bug... but seeing as how NOONE responded to this message I'd guess they would care to fix a rather little bug in the code.


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            hmmm. I'm lost.

            The first link you provided does not work for me.

            The link to your forums does work for me. I see 11 images of a blue/black truck at different stages. I do not see any red-x (broken images)

            Did I miss something?

            Did you get the problem rectified? Sorry it took so long for you to be helped. It's been utterly nuts around the forums this past couple of weeks with the pending rollout of CMS on the forums and vB4 Beta to presale purchasers. Support has never been as slow is it is now.


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