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Users can no longer post replies to other people Threads

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  • Fabi_303
    started a topic Users can no longer post replies to other people Threads

    Users can no longer post replies to other people Threads


    Recently no user including Administrators is able to post a reply to an existing thread.
    (Everyone gets the usual permission denied page when trying)
    This might be caused by a recent db Crash, but everything worked
    just fine after the crash.

    I checked the permissions for all Usergroups in the Admin panel.
    "May post replies to other threads" is suddenly unchecked!
    When i try to re add the permission and save, it says "saved successfully".
    But the setting is not saved. When i reenter the usergroup setting dialog, it is
    again unchecked.

    Modifying the forum permissions for a usergroup overriding the default permissions of this group
    also doesn't work. Adding a new usergroup and changing the permission also doesn't work.

    Modifying other settings for forums or usergroups works fine.
    Checked db, including myisamcheck - no obvious errors.

    So I'm stuck now... I would modify the permission settings directly in the DB Table,
    but i don't know, how the permission system works in detail.
    Update: I digged a bit deeper into the permissionstuff, created a new usergroup for testing,
    removed all the forumpermissions, checked usergroup tables "forumpermissions" column,
    "0" -> fine.
    If I add forumpermissions now in Adminpanel, i can see the corresponding numbers in the column,
    as they are defined in "bitfield_vbulletin.xml" eg, if i set "can create posts", 16 is written into the column,
    -> also fine.
    everything works fine withn one exception. If i check "canreplyothers", 0 is written into the column, which causes my problem...
    Also if i write the "64" manually into the database field and check the permissions in Adminpanel, the canreplyothers radiobutton is still unchecked.
    Really strange

    Last edited by Fabi_303; Sat 24 Oct '09, 2:09pm. Reason: Detailed error description

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