Another possible issue with vbulletin. All please read! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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  • DaveFT
    • Nov 2002
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    Another possible issue with vbulletin. All please read! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    I have over 80 moderators that are assigned to individual boards. Not the entire site. Individual boards.

    Why am I receiving reports now that board moderators can edit post on a person's profile?
    I am not talking about that they can edit post only under their profile.
    They can edit a comment under anyone's profile.
    How can I stop this.?

    It seems like when you assign a person to be a moderator for one board you give them access to areas of the site that would suprise you.

    Trust me.

    I have reported issues in the past and basically give up.

    Why would a board moderator be given administrative rights to the entire site for different funtions.
    If you have 80 moderators you don't won't them to be able to moderate the entire site.

    I have found so many issues. A moderator can go to a board that is not theirs and see ip addresses.

    Has anyone else had any issues with vbulletin?

    You need to be very careful making someone a board coordinator of your site.

    Test it.
    Let me know what you find.
    Maybe it is just me not changing permissions.

    How can I stop a moderator from editing comments under any profile or seeing IP addresses all over the site?

    I didn't start having privacy issues with the site until I upgraded a while back.

    I am currently running vBulletin version 3.8.

  • ENF
    Senior Member
    • Apr 2002
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    • 3.8.11


    When you are talking about messages on a person's profile, do you mean the visitor messages?

    If you want to restrict mods to a very specific forum, you have to be very careful about how you set that up. In general, making someone a moderator would generally give them a broad range of access to certain tools by default. All of which are controllable if setup correctly.

    Also, don't forget how the permission works. If the mod is assigned to one group that restricts a permission and also assigned to another that gives a permission, the yes/enabled will override the no/disabled one.

    We're not experiencing these issues as 'problem' with vBulletin, it's usually us, the admins, making the configuration mistakes.
    To be updated...


    • Gumble
      Senior Member
      • Sep 2008
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      • 4.0.0

      I have differente Mod's and one Admin in a different area and the only one able to do anything is the admin, all the 8 mods can't do anything out of the place they are bounded with...

      Review your settings, something missing there...


      • Lynne
        Former vBulletin Support
        • Oct 2004
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        When you set them up as a moderator, a screen comes up that shows a bunch more permissions than just those for the usergroup. Included in those are a few permissions regarding Visitor Messages like whether they can edit, delete, or moderate them (or physically delete them). You can see all these under Show All Moderators, find a Mod under the Moderators list and then see the Forum under there and click Edit next to it. I strongly suggest you review all of those permissions including those to do with Social Groups and Albums also.

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