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    This question is in regards to forum categories. I'm editing this post to be more clear.

    On this forum here, if you click the forum category "vBulletin Sales", you get the 2 forums within the category displayed.

    On my forum, if you click on any of the categories, there is nothing displayed. Why is this?

    I created the category (forum) and then selecting "no" for "Act as Forum".

    I would like to disable these forum category links, or at the very least, fix it so if someone clicks on it, the forums under the category are displayed.

    Any ideas?
    Last edited by LKS702; Sat 17 Oct '09, 8:15pm.

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    Okay, I just discovered my problem. I'll mention it in case it can help someone else. The forums underneath my category forums needed to have the parent forum option set. I had them set as "no one".


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