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Made edits to the custom user profile fields - any maintenance needed?

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  • Made edits to the custom user profile fields - any maintenance needed?


    I have, over time made some trivial edits to the way that my custom user profile fields display in the postbit.

    I have also tuned the actual user profile fields themselves.

    For example where I have had a user selectable profile field set to


    I have changed it to Align_Once

    The template hooks the field name and appends .gif and therefore I have ensured that Align_Once.gif is in place when called for by:

    <if condition="$post[field9]"><img src="images/radios/$post[field9].gif"></if>
    I am noticing in my apache logs some file not found errors for the older version of the image "alignonce.gif" and have begun to wonder how any cache or other internal template context might be causing some broken displays out there.

    [Sat Oct 17 11:20:36 2009] [error] [client 118.***.99.***] File does not exist: .......images/radios/alignonce.gif, referer: http://www.*******
    Do I need to update any counters or do any maintenance if I edit these user profile fields - or is it inconsequential what the "name" is since it is a placeholder for an array value that has not changed - ie $post[field9] value = what ever is currently the assigned value of drop down entry 2 (for example) rather than still = alignonce.



    it seems that the value that was in place when the user selected it is what goes into the user's field in the database - therefore if I change an entry and file name it points to the old value is lost. To get around this I have ensured that a copy of the old value as an image remains. Other than doing an sql replacement in mysql I can't see that this can be fixed unless the user goes back in and reselects their value.
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