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  • Delete Password History

    Would there be any adverse side effects if I truncated the passwordhistory table?

    Basically, my forum authenticates with Active Directory, then I pass a random password into vB. The passwords stored in vB are meaningless to me and the passwordhistory table is getting rather large. It's making backups go slow. I was kicking around adding a weekly cleanup that truncates that table.

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    u got the answer for this?


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      Ha, forgot all about asking this. I went ahead and created a plugin with the following code:
      $vbulletin->db->query_write("DELETE FROM " . TABLE_PREFIX . "passwordhistory");
      The plugin is attached to the cron_script_cleanup_daily hook.

      I haven't had any problems since implementing this.


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        can u give the procedure detailed


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          it wotn affect anything in database deleting this table?


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            You're not actually deleting the table, just the entries in the table. It didn't matter for me because I don't use passwords in vBulletin because my site authenticates through Active Directory. My understanding of the table is that it keeps a history of your passwords so you can't reuse the same password. If your site does use vBulletin passwords, then you may want to reconsider.

            As for the procedure, go to the AdminCP, then the Plugin Manager. Create a new plugin, paste in the above code and select the specified hook. When the daily cron script runs, the plugin will be executed, and the db table will be emptied.


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              whats the use of this password history?


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                As stated above, it keeps a history of your passwords so you can't reuse the same password should you prevent passwords being reused in AdminCP.
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