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Edit "New User at Forum" E-mail?

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  • Edit "New User at Forum" E-mail?

    Haha am I the only one that finds the humor in the following thread?

    It's posted in the Quick Tips section which average joe isn't allowed to post in... yet the quick tip is completely useless without explaining where to change that setting. So here I am left having to create a new thread to ask a question about a thread in the Quick Tips instead of just being allowed to reply to the Quick Tip to ask for the obviously missing information.

    And the question: How do I edit the "New User at Forum" e-mail template? I've been searching for a good half hour now through phrases, vb options, plugins... tried "new user" "new member" "registration" and I'm just not finding anything other than the setting to specify which e-mail address it should use. Am I just blind?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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    Oh bloody hell... nevermind.

    After posting the thread I thought "Well now I have the code, I can search using that..." and sure enough found it within 2 minutes. Unclear why it didn't show up when I searched phrases containing "new user" with it including phrase text and phrase name, but hey got it now.

    For anyone else that's stuck searching for this information:
    Product vBulletin
    Varname $vbphrase[newuser]


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