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  • tonezzz
    New Member
    • Aug 2007
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    • 3.6.x

    Bulk register users

    Hi Friends,

    Can anyone give me suggestion or idea to finish this job please?

    I want to register 80 users for marketing campaign of my company. I've prepared all the info I need in an Excel file already. I've been trying to insert them directly to the "user" table of VB database but I cannot login with the user/password I've inserted. Am I missing something? Is there any other table or any important field I've to put the right value?

    Oh and when I search for the user, it shows me a user with blank username/password/email.

    Here's a sample of my SQL statement (with sample data):
    insert into user (usergroupid,username,password,salt,passworddate,joindate,email,usertitle,ipaddress,option s) values ('11','abc',md5(md5('3565')+'572'),'572',CURRENT_DATE,1255326689,'[email protected]','Special Member','',45096279)
    It's ok if I have to write a PHP script to call VB's function but I have no idea which file to include and the step to call.

  • Steve Machol
    Former Customer Support Manager
    • Jul 2000
    • 154488

    The only option we have to do that is to use the text file importer in Impex. You will need a delimited file with these three fields:

    username, password, email

    Please read the online Impex import instructions here:

    Steve Machol, former vBulletin Customer Support Manager (and NOT retired!)
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    • robogram
      New Member
      • May 2010
      • 6
      • 4.0.0

      Can you clarify please? What exactly should the format of the file be? It seems to me it should be comma separated without spaces (unlike your example). Also can you offer some advice on Full path and file name of the user file. (i.e. /tmp/users.txt ) -- it's saying full path but offers as an example of a relative path?? Please provide an example. Also there's no information at the link you provided for formatting the text file ... in fact very little information on importing a text file (apart from the fact that it exists). What should I do if Module 001 fails? Am I supposed to conduct a Database cleanup & restart?


      • Trevor Hannant
        vBulletin Support
        • Aug 2002
        • 24175
        • 5.7.X

        If you create your CSV file in Excel, simply head up columns A, B and C with those headings and enter the details below each. If you then upload the file to the Impex directory, you don't need to worry about a path to the file - you can just enter the file name.

        If any modules fail, cleanup the database and start again would be your best option.
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        • robogram
          New Member
          • May 2010
          • 6
          • 4.0.0

          Thanks for your response ... still no joy, however.
          Which option should I choose on the Database cleanup & restart page?
          It doesn't seem to matter what format I use, I still get vcli7.csv - NOT OK
          vcli7.csv has two lines in it:
          rgramly,gram007,[email protected]
          It would be helpful if someone could provide an actual text/csv file (known to work) as an example.
          I'm pretty frustrated at this point -- I've tried different permutations probably 50 times and it still doesn't work. A bug perhaps?
          It's a pity to have so much trouble with such a simple requirement -- what other commercial software product can't upload a simple text file?


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