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My site SUCKS.. Please help!!!

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    Hi bossanova,

    Are you really knowing nothing or just making a joke here? Sorry, I've been reading and found it a bit funny.

    Not sure if it's proper or not but if you don't know anything about making a website perhaps this is useful. I'm right now learning to use WordPress. I'm a very beginner on it but I think it'll be my core development system soon. You can either purchase a hosting plan that come with WordPress installed or ask your webhosting support guy to install it for you. Then you'll have a complete platform to work on your website without any concern on Ftp.

    You'll be able to play around with lots of themes and plugins. there're some plugins about weathers, just search for it.

    Hope this help.
    (Dear Moderators, if you think my post is not proper, please feel free to remove)


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      Originally posted by CF2 View Post
      Hi Bossanova

      if I may - as a newbie myself (my forum has only been up 3.5 weeks) I know how confusing it can all be. Please don't get discouraged. Infact, you've probably done the most difficult thing by setting up your forum. The next most difficult thing isn't all the techie stuff but attracting members.

      I had a bit of moderating experience before I set up my site but hardly any real admin.

      I think the most important thing that you need is to find a host with which you have a good working relationship. I spent quite a while looking for one, and reading the reviews of different companies. Many were offering large amounts of space, speed etc but the one I settled for was offering real-person assistance. I have talked to them via email and the phone. They even phoned me to ask if everything was going ok!! THAT's what a newbie wants in a host. So if your host isn't offering that sort of help then find one that is.

      And don't try to learn it all at once. I went with vB because all the basics are all there for you, already set up. Like you, I have no experience of html, the workings of mysql etc. I nearly decided not to proceed with my project because of the same fears as you. Again, my host were willing to give me the basics, and most importantly, tell me what I should and shouldn't worry about at this early stage.

      So, I had an empty board, and I had vBadvanced installed. Then I had to decide what I wanted to do next. First thing was colour. So I had a look around this forum on how to change that. Then I wanted to know about adding a header. So used this forum's search for threads on Headers.

      So my approach has been to find something specific I need to know, and then look for it on this forum or ask.

      Only now have I started looking at html/coding. Even then, I have found the guys over on fantastic. My approach hasn't been to look at all the hacks and say I want that, that and that. Instead, I have looked at other forums, the way that they have layed things out and thought "hmmm that looks good, I wonder how they did that". Then I specifically asked on, and the kind people pointed me in the right direction. And before I make any changes I say a liitle prayer that I won't break my forum (so far so good - amazing how much abuse vB can take)

      So, as one newbie to another, stick with it. The most important thing about a forum isn't all the bells and whistles - it's a place for like minded people to interact. The members are more important than just the look. The look can be changed overtime as you gain more confidence.


      PS as you can see, my forum isn't the prettiest, nor have I followed some of the "rules" of the more experienced. But I like it, and as I learn more I will make changes. But at the moment I want the forum to focus on posts etc

      Some people don't like the bright red so they hav ethe option to use the vbulletin blue

      Good read and great advice, I appreciate it and will take it into consideration.

      Thank you!!!


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