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Registration: disallow .org, .com, .net names?

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  • Registration: disallow .org, .com, .net names?

    If I disallow .com .org .net during the registration process then urls with those extensions cannot be used as user names, correct?

    People are signing up with there urls as their names which (to me) is spam.

    Can anyone think of a down side? A common name that might be blocked?

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    Yeah that's a great idea.

    However, with that you are preventing spam which is good but not good enough. It will mean that they will put their username as whatever it is without the .com, etc.

    You can do this by going to

    Admincp > Vbulletin options on the right > User banning options > IP address > Enter the .com, .org, etc > Save

    As what I said, you need to use the human verification manage and the question/answer option to help you out there. Even if it gets bad go through and manually approve usernames. That way you will know who is a real person and who isn't.

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