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DOS Attack on vBulletin

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  • DOS Attack on vBulletin


    well my vbulletin is Under attack i have Contact With my Dedicated hosting provider and i tried DDOS protecting sheild's ETC! everything my dedicated server provider says they can't protect from internel Server attacks Like this its attacking from script to mysql

    then some one told me to use litespeed webserver !

    i got some screen shots here!

    < my site was enabled as you can see in screen shot more then 600 requets in Processing ... those request creating load and attacking to mysql and as you can see its 92% Load on webserver.

    on 2nd screen shot i have disabled site i mean forum..

    all request going fine to server over 4,000 per/second to 10,000 requests and 0.50 Load...

    So what should i do now to stop this f**king Attack!!!

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    Simple answer:
    Find out who's attacking you and ask them nicely to stop.

    Complex answer:
    Given the high chance theyre using proxies and drone hosts, there is little to no chance of tracking down who is actually doing the attack, not to mention, you will need to log every IP that makes one of the requests during the DDoS and then block those IP's at the OS level using some form of firewall. It would also be of some use to get your host to filter the flood of requests at their borders before the requests even reach your website.

    Beyond that the most you can do is not to attrack the attention of the kind of people who through temper tantrums just because they dont get their own way or just because theyre bored.


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      well i don't know who is attacking And its impossible to block ip's i can't block each ip alots BOT..!!


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        Your host needs to enable mod_security on your server to limit requests hitting your sites.


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          Originally posted by loverzpoint View Post
          well i don't know who is attacking And its impossible to block ip's i can't block each ip alots BOT..!!
          If it is a DDOS and distributed, than you need to block ranges of IP Addresses and then open it up later. This is the only way to keep a server online during a concentrated DDOS attack.
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