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Frame at top in Admincp shows garbage characters

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  • Frame at top in Admincp shows garbage characters


    for some reason, possibly after a server upgrade to php 5.2.11, there is a frame on the top of my admincp which shows garbage ASCII characters. Also when i click at certain menus on the left, i get garbage characters as a result. That happens in Firefox only. On IE, sometimes it tries to download the php file of the menu i click. I really do not know what could have caused this. I also reuploaded all the admincp files; still nothing. Can anyone help me out? Is it a server issue?

    Thanks in advance
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    I've seen this. It happened to me after HostGator upgraded PHP some time back. I am not sure what they did to fix it but they got it fixed after I contacted them. They did confirm that it was something to do with the PHP upgrade. I'll try and dig through my old tickets.

    In the meantime, contact your host since there was a recent PHP upgrade. Be sure and send them copies of those screenshots since they have no access to your admincp.


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      looks like it was a php issue. went back to 5.2.9 from 5.2.11 and problem is solved. apparently 5.2.11 is not really compatible with vbulletin.


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