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  • POST a link to a url

    The BBCode and allows a link to other posts in a forum. Does the BBCocde [post] allow posting to an external url similar to the [url] tag? I'd like to have a link to a url with arguments. The [url] tag allows a link to a url but I assume this uses GET which shows the arguments in the url. I'd like to not show the arguments which is why I want to use a POST and not a GET. Is this possible? and if it is how can I do it? If not is there another way to do it? maybe by using a form with hidden arguments and a (submit) button with the label link. Thanks.

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    This has nothing to do with POST or GET methods in PHP/JS.

    [post]-tags simply construct an internal link to the post with the postid given, [thread] does the same for threads. Both can't be used for anything else (and, of course, not for external links).

    [url] will link exactly the URL that you pass to it, and if you want an url to pass parametes, you'll have to do that by There's no way around that.


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      How about the idea of a form with a hidden field do you think this is possible?


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        Inside a post/as a bbcode? No.


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          No, inside a post as html?


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            You really have to describe more verbose what it is you want to do. It really does not make much sense to me.


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              I'm thinking of using an HTML form in a post with a hidden element which has the argument and a (submit) button with the label "link". This should make it clearer. What I don't know is if an HTML form can be embedded in a post.


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                What should that be good for? You realize that the url parameters are in the source code, ready for everyone to read?

                However, I will not try this and find it a rather, hm, weird idea... but why don't you try for yourself? Create your form, enable html and post it on your test board. I see no reason why it should not work, but lots of reasons why I don't like the idea. Starting with the fact that enabling html in posts is a real bad idea securitywise.


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                  Thanks for your opinion I'll take it under consideration.


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