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  • DEGE
    I've done it

    As nobody answered my question I've written an Include PHP module to member.php and got it.

    Thanks anyway


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  • DEGE
    started a topic Profile Comparisons

    Profile Comparisons

    I've defined a series of Multi-Select Choice fields on custom profile fields of my members.

    I'm trying to make a method to gather the "coincidence" between one user to another when he visits his/her profile. I'm trying to get to those fields values inside the member.php archive to be able to calculate the matching percent between them and be able to display them later on my templates.

    The fields (ie: $userinfo[field17]) are stored as "string" and have inside the number that converted to BIN mathes a logical "1" in each choice selected.

    So far so good... but (and there's always a but)

    My problem starts when I try to get the "logged user" fields (ie: $bbuserinfo[field17])

    It's odd but if I modify my MEMBERINFO template and put that field to display, it shows me the value, but it seems to be NULL inside member.php script.

    Can anybody help me with this? Is there any way to know when the query is done and when the variables are loaded?


    PS: Sorry for my bad english, It's not my native language.

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