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Recurring Subscriptions Failing

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  • Recurring Subscriptions Failing

    We have a forum that has been set up the same way working with paypal successfully for quite some time, our paypal interface is working and set up right.

    We have changed no other setting than the recurring checkbox in one of our subscriptions.
    Now the other subscriptions are working except the recurring one gets "FAILED" in the log and doesnt work.

    The user who was signing up for the subscription that was recently set to recurring was a new user and we keep getting failure.

    The particular subscription has never been set at recurring before.

    How can we fix this problem?

    Does paypal identify this subscription with a hash in the backend somewhere or by name so we can try to see if something on their end is doing this because it doesnt like our setting?

    The manual says this:
    "Do not change the cost of a Subscription if a recurring payment is currently in use, these payments will fail to update."

    But there was no recurring payment in use and the user was new...
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    You should create a new subscription for the recurring payment. Don't modify an existing subscription.


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