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Message Attachment Viewing Permissions using Lightbox

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  • Message Attachment Viewing Permissions using Lightbox

    I have searched & searched, on my site, & here.
    I use Lightbox for attachment viewing, I really like using this option, but Guest, not logged in can use this option.

    Message Attachment Options

    "View Attached Images Inline, I set it to yes"
    "Use Image Lightbox, I set it to yes, click"


    Usergroup: Unregistered / Not Logged In-Forum Viewing Permissions

    Can See Thumbnails, also set to yes.

    What do I need to edit to allow guest, not logged in to use lightbox while viewing attachments?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Add me to the list looking for an answer as well.


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      Found the problem. You have to allow the usergroup to Download attachments.


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        I had that set to yes as well, no luck. Bug?


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          Have you looked to see if you have it turned off in Forum Permissions > find the forum > not logged in usergroup > check the settings there

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            That was simple...I thought I looked there as well.
            Thanks again Lynne


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