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Using profile options to thwart registration spam bots?

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  • Using profile options to thwart registration spam bots?

    I was reading this thread in the 3.7 forum, but thought I'd ask in 3.8 to be sure it works for 3.8...

    What I came here looking for is a way to use a simple question that only a true human (and esp. one w/ a mastery of English) could answer in my registration page that would thwart reg bots or farmers.

    A question like, "Spell the current US presidents name backwards". So, if you enter "amabo" you can continue registering.

    So, in my search I found the thread noted above. Here's the money quote:
    Enter this in the regular expression box by going to

    AdminCP > User Profile Fields > User Profile Field Manager > Company > Edit > Regular Expression
    What I don't get (and this may take a bit of code hacking?) is I couldn't get it so that its shows up in the registration page ONLY AND must be correctly answered there and never again anywhere.

    Any help is appreciated!

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    I was just checking our settings...

    From: AdminCP > User Profile Fields > User Profile Field Manager > *YOURFIELDHERE* > Edit

    The two lines that we have set to make this work are:

    Field Required
    Field Editable by User

    For the first one, we have it set to: "Yes, At Registration and Profile Updating"
    For the second one, we have it set: "Only at Registration"

    So, for us.. once the user registers, they'll never see that field again... ever. The other side to this is if you add it with existing users, they will need to answer that question when they update their settings in the User CP. (only once, then it goes away)

    This has been relatively effective for us, using a math question that is not 2+2.

    Is this what you were after? I think I understood your post correctly.

    We are using the latest 3.8.3 vBulletin.
    To be updated...


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      ENF, sorry for my delayed reply here... Was out of town a bit.

      I understand what you're saying. What tripped me up was that for established users it shows up in the display page and requires them to answer the question.

      What I then realized was once they do that once, the question no longer shows up.

      So, aside from that minor inconvenience, I think I got it.



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