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  • Subcategory help needed


    First time poster and new license holder. I am currently building my forum and I made all the cats and subcats. But I don't like the way the subcats look in the respect that they are all like main forums - big rectangles which take up a lot of space and thereby create a very long page.

    How do I make my subcats into links within the parent forum rectangle? So if I have five subforums they will all be links within the one parent forum.

    See as an example.


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    Did you choose a superior forum for your sub-forums ?


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      No I didn't choose a "superior" forum. I choose a "parent" forum.

      So I create a forum and the main part is under Main Category (I may want to get rid of Main Category as well)... so then I have a parent forum under Main Category... then I make a new forum and place it under the parent forum I created.

      Example - Parent Forum = Cars
      Subcat forum = Toyota
      Subcat forum = Ford

      So I have a parent forum with several subs underneath but they all look like regular forums. I want all the subs to look like links inside the parent forum box to save space. How do I do this?



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        vBulletin Options > Forum Listings Display Options > Depth of sub-forums > set this value above 0.


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          Changed it from 0 to 1 and it didn't make any difference. Any other suggestions?



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            My forum display options are now 2-2-1 on down. Still not creating linked subcats within the parent forum.

            I did a test and when I do child forum it will create the link but ONLY inside the subforum box that is below the parent box... not inside the parent box as I want it.

            Do I need to delete all my parent and subcats and start all over. It took over 4 hours to make what I got... and I was doing it incorrectly.

            Here is a pic of what I got. Please advise. I can't believe I can't get a simple subforum going in a parent box.

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              So I deleted all forum cats and the subcats that were in their own boxes.

              Now I created a forum cat and then I created a test category as a child forum and it won't go as a link... only as a rectangle box on it's own below the other category which is supposed to be a parent.

              I have a parent with a light bluish box to the left and the subcat is apparently on its own but with a darker bluish box on the left.

              So still at square one


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                Here is the solution for anyone who ever has the same issue I had -

                I had no categories... therefore 4 forums with no parent category. You need to create a category, then create a forum with the category as the parent, and then a forum (subforum) that is the child of the parent forum.

                -- Forum

                Note: To create a Category, just create a new forum and set 'Act as forum' to 'No'. Then you can add forums under that category by setting their forum 'Parent' to that.


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                  Reviving this thread as not to create a duplicate. I'm trying to get subcategory links to show up on each forum. I've accomplished what I'm looking for on the home page by setting the Depth of Sub-forms in the Forum Listings Display Options.

                  However, I have multiple sublevels. You can see it's what I want. However, if you click on .Net Platform, then I'm back to where all the forums and the sub forums all display in a rectangle. I want this to be just like the home forum page.

                  You click on you see General.Net with a link for Parallel Programming. The same for the rest.

                  I've played with changing the other settings but no luck so far.

                  Any ideas?



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