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Could use a little help with a certain page on my site...

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  • Saviour

    Thanks for the reply. I did revert the templates. Still same problem.

    I will take your advice and post this at

    Thanks for the input and suggestion.

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  • Nick
    You must have messed with one of its templates, I would assume. Revert the templates that the modification uses.

    This question really belongs in the General vBulletin Discussions forum on if you aren't getting help in the modification's release thread.

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  • Could use a little help with a certain page on my site...

    This is actually a mod...and I know I should ask for help within that mod, but it has been two days with no response from the author.

    I was just wondering if someone could take a look at the following page:

    It is showing the navbar information twice. It happened when I decided to use the alternate display method in the vBulletin Options of the mod. I disabled the alternate display method, but still have two navbars.

    I think it may be the articles.php file itself...of which, I have attached a copy of.

    I understand this is a mod...and apologize if I should not have posted it here. However, any and all help is appreciated...since it has been two days and I have still not been able to resolve the issue.

    Thanks, in advance for any help.
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