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Default Skin of Choic being Overidden Issue

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  • Default Skin of Choic being Overidden Issue

    hi guys -

    i have an admin on my board who has been having skin display issues. she currently uses the default vb skin, however, she has said that upon login, replying to messages, viewing forum content the skin will jump back and fourth on her. jump back and fourth as in switch skins depending on the action she is doing. the allowed users to choose style in vbulletin options is set to yes.

    i have troubleshooted a bit on my own to make sure all the forums are set up not to override users style choice and all signs point to things being fine. however, because she gets the loading of the alternate skin of choice from replying to messages, logging in etc, i cant isolate what could be generating this type of behavior. does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for me to try and troubleshoot? all the help is appreciated.


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    To force one style on everyone, set the default style to the one style you want to use:

    Admin CP -> vBulletin Options -> Style & Language Settings -> Default Style

    Then set this to No:

    Admin CP -> vBulletin Options -> Style & Language Settings -> Allow Users To Change Styles

    Note that admins can view other styles regardless of these settings. For example, you can click on a style's name in the Style Manager and that will set a cookie in your browser to view that style instead of the default.


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      my site is having a problem similar to this.

      vB 3.8.3
      default skin = light default

      system is set to allow members to choose their skin

      pick any skin other then default.
      go into one of the forums example
      click on a thread, then click back to forum, then click on a different thread...
      eventually (usually only take 3 or 4 threads) you will see that it jumps you back to default skin when you leave the thread and go back to the forum.
      at this point the issue becomes 100% reproducible for that skin. set it back to the non default skin you were using, click on that thread you were looking at, then when you click out of the forum you will be set back to default skins.

      i have gotten this to happen when clicking from forum to thread back to forum over and over. i also got this to happen by clicking from "new post" to thread back to "new post" over and over again.

      i have reproduced this with each of my non-default skins.
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        Please start your own thread to avoid confusion.


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