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I can't access my own Forums!?

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  • I can't access my own Forums!?

    I have a problem with the log in process.. Whenever I enter my username and password, a page appears to me which tells me that I entered a wrong password for my account, and I'm sure that I entered the right password.. please any help?
    (by the way, the other members are logging in normally, only I (the Admin), am not able to log in).

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    On my test forum (3.8.2) I have to use the same capitalization that I used when I set up the Admin account. jamesc70 doesn't work, but JamesC70 does.

    On my live forum, I have an Admin account that's set as unalterable through config.php, and then I have my JamesC70 account that just happens to also have all administrative options turned on. On the live forum, I don't have to worry about capitalization.

    Remember to check the "Remember me?" box when you're logging in, so that you don't have to log in all the time.


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      well I tried to type in my username with the same capitalization that I used when I set the Admin account.. but it didn't work
      I don't think that's the problem.. cuz I used to type in my username without capitalizing, and it worked.. any help?


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        Did you try simply resetting your password?


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          yes i tried and it didn't work ..
          I'm still unable to log in to my account..


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            Define "it didn't work".


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              well, I'm still getting the same message (that I entered the wrong password..) even though I copied and pasted the password..


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                Are you by any chance using Opera? If yes then try firefox or IE and see if it helps.


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                  no I'm using firefox.. I don't know what's the problem
                  It's weird because everyone is able to sign in except the admin!


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                    Please is there any solution ???


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                      That means you are either using the wrong password or the wrong username. There really is no ambiguity here.
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