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blank page [profile and visitor messages]

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  • blank page [profile and visitor messages]


    in two install I have the same issue: blank page when we click in public profile in postbit [or legacy] and blank page in vistor messages notifications.

    I disable vbseo [ I think problem is with script] and nothing changes. This is a mistery to me ...

    Any ideas?

    tks in advance
    joao barroca
    aka beduino
    Community vBulletin Brasil & Portugal

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    I suspect there is a customization that is causing this. You can quickly determine this by temporarily disabling your customizations. Try to reproduce it on a default style:

    Admin CP -> Styles & Templates -> Style Manager -> [Add New Style]

    Create a new style with no parent. Then click that style's name in the Style Manager to view your forum with that style. If the problem goes away on the default style then you know it's a style problem at which point you need to systematically revert your custom templates to isolate the problem.

    If you still have the problem then try disabling your plugins:

    Admin CP -> vBulletin Options -> Plugin/Hook System

    Also run a file check to look for customized files. Upload the original files if any problems are reported:

    Admin CP -> Maintenance -> Diagnostics -> Suspect File Versions


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      Hi Jack,
      thank you for your reply,

      Following your instructions I see [after disable plugins] the problem is caused by a plugin - but I don't know which plugin. I will investigate

      All the best
      joao barroca

      @edit : a question... if I disable [not uninstall] a product , your plugins still working?
      Community vBulletin Brasil & Portugal


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        I'm in shock!
        The plugin wich cause all my headache is one of the 53 plugins in vbblog!
        a bad notice
        Community vBulletin Brasil & Portugal


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          The blog shouldn't be causing problems. Try reimporting the blog product. First reupload the blog files. Then import the XML with Allow Overwrite set to Yes:

          Admin CP -> Plugins & Products -> Manage Products -> [Add/Import Product]

          Import this file:



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            Hello Jake,

            unfortunately don't work. I re-upload all php and reimport vbblog. The error persists.

            This occurs in too, and the only solution is disable vbblog!

            I don't know how fix this ...

            all the best
            Community vBulletin Brasil & Portugal


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              Try adding this line to your includes/config.php file to see if the white page shows any specific errors:

              ini_set('display_errors', true);
              Does it show any error messages now?


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                I will try and post here
                Today I only see blank page - without error messages.
                Community vBulletin Brasil & Portugal


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                  error appears!!!!!!!!!

                  hi jake
                  best news!

                  the error [when I try visitor messages]
                  Fatal error: Cannot redeclare blog_online_location_preprocess() in /home/xxxxx/public_html/forums/includes/blog_plugin_online.php on line 29

                  when we try access profile in postbit the error is the same

                  Last edited by barroca; Thu 11 Jun '09, 10:47am. Reason: add info
                  Community vBulletin Brasil & Portugal


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                    blog_plugin_online.php is a file from blog 1.0. You should upgrade to blog 2.0. Download the latest blog zip file from the member's area and import the product again.


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                      But I already make this ... twice!

                      This php is missing in 2.0.2 package

                      @this php appears until blog 2.0.1 patch level [in this package - no]
                      @edit I already import [overwriting] another time [3x in total] and nothing. same problem

                      Really I need help

                      tks in advance
                      all the best
                      joao barroca
                      Last edited by barroca; Thu 11 Jun '09, 2:01pm. Reason: add info
                      Community vBulletin Brasil & Portugal


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                        That PHP file is not in the 2.0.2 blog package. It's not used anymore.

                        You must be uploading the blog files to the wrong place. Or there is some other problem with the upload. You need to upload the contents of the "upload" folder into your forum directory, overwriting the old blog files. Then import the XML.


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                          hi jake,

                          I screenshot all my steps to your review ...

                          Re-upload and re-import [as you can see the blog is ok, but ther error is the same! ]
                          Attached Files
                          Community vBulletin Brasil & Portugal


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                            Try deleting the blog_plugin_online.php file.


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                              I delete this php and all work - profile in postbit, visitor messages etc.

                              A little warning to other users maybe will be useful

                              tks a lot , jake

                              all the best
                              Community vBulletin Brasil & Portugal


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