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Trying to figure out how to do these things...

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  • Trying to figure out how to do these things...

    1. My Super Moderator can't edit user profile information like "Custom Title" and other stuff, how do I make it so that he can do so?

    2. One of my users has a problem with his signature displaying. He has a signature, but when he goes to view his "posts" his signature doesn't display? How come it is like this? When the admin or moderator edits their signature and checks previous posts, the signature is updated.

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    Super moderators cannot edit profiles directly, they can edit those options if they first search for the user.

    ModCP > Search For User > The results should give a few options, edit siganture, view profile, edit etc etc.

    He is either unchecking display signature, or doing something else funky.


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      When I do search for the user in the mod control panel, these are the only options I see to change:

      Click image for larger version

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      How do I make it so that they can edit ALL member info? When you click "View Profile" you can view all there info as well as change the info in the boxes, but you can't save the changes you made....


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        Make them an administrator.


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          Originally posted by Zachery View Post
          Make them an administrator.
          I don't want to make it so that all the features in vbulletin they have control over, but instead just be able to edit user profile info, so there is no other way but to make then an ADMIN?

          Thanks for your help


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            If you trust him then make him an administrator and u can change his permissions
            And if you don't trust him just leave him as he is now :P


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