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make thread views a user cp option?

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  • make thread views a user cp option?

    I always have a view members who obssess over how many views a thread gets, and get upset if it doesn't have an equivalent amount of replies. I don't want to turn off vies for everyone, but I would like to make a user cp option for the member to turn off seeing the number of views a thread or their threads have in user cp if they like. Is this something that can be done easily?

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    Not so easy - you would have to put the user in a seperate usergroup and then use template conditionals. Or create a seperate profile field and check in a conditional against that - that would be doable via UserCP.

    But: I'd rather educate that user. If he misbehaves, use the infraction system. I'd never start to adapt my forum to the whims of a single user. Where will you draw the line? And if you let the user decide this by himself in UserCP, he probably wouldn't stop complaining. Obviously he want's to do that, so why should he turn the thread views off in the first place? After all, he's the one that's overly interested in them!
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      It's not really 'misbehavior', it's a user complaining that '25 people viewed my post, and only 3 responded', and it's making them feel ignored or upset (let me add that this is on a health issues support forum). So these users claim they'd rather not see how many people viewed their post at all. To me, I'd prefer to see the views, even if I only got 3 responses, if 25 people read my post, I'd be fine with it. But these users are sensitive I guess, and instead of interpreting the lack of responses as 'people just didn't know what to say', they are interpreting the lack of responses as 'people don't care'. So it's just about allowing the end user to customize the experience to what works best for them. I think as far as customizing goes, the more options we give the end user to customize, the happier they are, and they feel like they are in more 'control' of their experience, which I think is important.


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