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Seperate story page?

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  • Seperate story page?

    I want a story page on my forum that displays on an individual page when members and guests click the link in the navbar. Ofcourse with search options, using the tags.

    I am told this can be done with using VBulletin options, like making it a seperate forum. Does anyone have experience with this? How can this be done?

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    Maybe this helps.
    And otherwise:


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      Thanks, Floris. Perhaps I fail to phrase it sufficient.

      The idea is to put the stories in threads in a separate (sub)forum. I want members and guest to view that (sub)forum on a single page, seperate from the rest of the forums (which are for members only)

      By doing so, I won't have to build a storypage and matching database.
      I think the link to that story-forum might be added rather easily to the navbar, and that subforum might also be set to be the first page guest view.

      Is this a feasible option? And if so, how can I arrange that?

      The example looks like it displays a page rather than a (sub)forum?

      My apologies if I don't make myself clear, I am not familiar with the terms and wording.


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        This is the closest i could find but its for vbulletin 2.x iw ill have anouther look in a bit

        or google vBmagazine or vBmultipages


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          Either user a sub forum and a usergroup and custom permissions.
          Or you will need a full addon. Which vB does not offer by default for 3.x


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            Thanks again, Floris. I was getting to that solution.

            The stories could than be posted in individual threads, which would enable readers to search using the VBulletin search options? That way I needn't a seperate database, building a page. Given my limited knowledge of coding, this sounds like an easy, feasible and comfortable way to me. Readers can even add comments or reviews in the thread the story is in.

            Thinking how the FAQ's or blogpages show, can I arrange the settings in such manner that a link in the navbar gets members/guests to the "story-forum", with that forum showing on a whole page. But, just like the blog and FAQ's, not showing on the page with all the other forums, just the link?

            And is it possible to show the first lines of a post, to give readers a little "teaser" or summary of the story?


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