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Forum Tools Popup Menu - pops off the page

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  • Forum Tools Popup Menu - pops off the page

    I've been working on styling a new site launch - [] and I can't seem to figure out why the forum tools popup menu pops up where it does - at the bottom right of the page, above the footer.

    Can someone point me in a direction that I might figure out what I should do to remedy this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Without a link and access to the code you are looking at there is no way of telling. I will say that vBulletin's popup menus are designed to attach to specific locations in a table. If you're working with DIVs and have them absolutely positioned but out of sequence in the page flow that things like this can happen.

    These issues should be fixed for vBulletin 4 which uses a different popup menu system.
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      Thanks for the note back, Wayne.

      Pretty much any thread will show this behavior, but this is one example:

      If you look at the site you'll see I have messed around with divs quite a bit - I'm more comfortable working with CSS than I am with tables. I can give you access to the code if you're so inclined to have a look (and if so, thanks!), but if not, could you give me an idea as to how I might modify/move the code block used for the popups so that it'll appear in a more appropriate location?

      (BTW, I realize showthread has some serious formatting issues for users that are not logged in - that's next on my list - I can give you admin access to poke around if you'd like.)


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        Hi Wayne -

        Most all of my divs are positioned relatively, and no changes have been made to the tables.

        "Wait for 4.0" doesn't do much to help me with my current site. Can you offer up something I can work on?


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          I've been trying to figure out why this popup problem persists and have not had any luck so far.

          Since the navbar template seemed to be one of the problems, I reverted the navbar to the original code. Didn't matter.

          Next, I disabled all other javascript running on forum pages that were not part of vB. Still didn't matter.

          If there's some CSS buried somewhere that I can look at, or a specific javascript file I should be looking at, I'd appreciate someone giving me that tip, so that I'm not just blindly flailing around. That's no fun.


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            Okay, digging further it appears that the duplicate js file within the yahoo-dom-event folder is the one responsible for these menu popups, and since it appears there is CSS in there, is it reasonable to think that's where my fix lies?


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              Okay, looks like I figured it out - for anyone else who customizes their site with CSS and has trouble with popups going somewhere they don't belong, here's where to look - in each instance of a popup, check the template involved (Navbar, for example) for a css style declaration in the div for the popup that's like this
              HTML Code:
              -and change that value to whatever you need to make it work. In my case, it was -360px. I'm sure this is a clunky fix for the problem, but it works.


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