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Purging unconfirmed users

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  • Purging unconfirmed users


    I have never done this and now have 12,000 sitting there.

    I want to free these up but when I try and purge them it seems to take an absolute age. It goes through the updating threads/posts process for each user, taking a good 15 secs per user which is obviously going to take forever. So I closed the browser down after about 100 names or so because it was obvious it wasn't the right way to do it.

    I am only deleting people older than 30 days and with 0 posts so it shouldn't need to update post and thread information.

    My questions.

    1. Have they been deleted seeing as I half ran the script? (They are still showing in the usergroups section as 12,000 but not sure if this is because I need to update counters)

    2. What's the best way of deleting these users?

    3. Once done, what counters would you suggest I update?

    Thanks in advance.

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    If the script stopped before it finished then they probably would not be all deleted. The counts in the Admin CP are not cached. There are no counters to update when deleting users.

    Use the pruning feature in your:

    Admin CP -> Users -> Prune / Move Users

    Since the job is really big I suggest restricting the search criteria to match fewer users. Then gradually relax the criteria to match more and more users. That way you can process them in smaller batches.


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      Thanks for your answer Jake.

      It's going to take a long, long time. Just deleting 200 will take 50 minutes.

      Is that normal or was my script going to slowly?


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        That is unusually long. Maybe your server is being slow.


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          How very odd.

          Server appears fine but it still takes a good 10-15 secs per user and at that speed it;s virtually impossible to prune these accounts

          Is there any other way to do this manually via the database?


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            I do not recommend doing this in the database because the user data is scattered among several tables.
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