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How to change class="fixed_width_avatar" properties?

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  • How to change class="fixed_width_avatar" properties?

    I'm trying to remove the white background from the class="fixed_width_avatar" but nothing I try works.

    Does anyone know how to remove the white background from that class?

    If you refer to the attached image you'll see what I mean,
    Click image for larger version

Name:	avback.gif
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    the white background is really ruining the look of the Skin I am working on. That avatar is a transparent background .png, I figured I should be making changes in the memberinfo_css template, I've tried this:
    div.fixed_width_avatar {
    but the transparent background is being countered by something and I can't track it down.
    I've even tried adding this to the additional css:
    .fixed_width_avatar {background-color:transparent !important;}
    but still no change, anyone got any ideas please?

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    From memberinfo_visitormessage, I see a class="alt2 avatar" for the img tag itself:

    <li id="vmessage$message[vmid]" class="floatcontainer">
    <if condition="$message['avatarurl']">
    	<div class="fixed_width_avatar">
    		<if condition="$message['postuserid']"><a href="member.php?$session[sessionurl]u=$message[postuserid]"></if><img src="$message[avatarurl]" [color=red]class="alt2 avatar"[/color]<if condition="$message['avatarwidth']"> width="$message[avatarwidth]"</if><if condition="$message['avatarheight']"> height="$message[avatarheight]"</if> border="0" alt="$message[username]" /><if condition="$message['postuserid']"></a></if>
    	<div class="visitor_message_avatar_margin">
    Try modifying the alt2 class in the CSS. Or try removing that class reference.


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      Thanks for your reply Jake, alas that changes nothing, I believe the problem is in that the avatar is being resized, I am guessing perhaps by javascript some where. The same thing is happening in the thumbnails of attachments, the same white background.

      Is it possible to over-ride the background colour if it is being introduced via javascript?

      If so, how could I go about doing so?


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        Oh. Yes. Avatars are thumbnailed for use on the profile pages. But that does not appear to lose the transparency. My avatar has transparency and look at the thumbnail:

        The background color behind it appears to be coming from the alt2 class still.


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          Isn't that strange, there is no white background in your profile, and the class is the same, barring colour specifics.
          I have this in the source:
          .alt2, .alt2Active {member.php?u=1 (line 156)
          background:#000000 url(images/skins/the_borg/misc/alt2.jpg) repeat scroll 0 0;
          border-color:#282828 #353535 #404040 #282828;
          The alt2.jpg is a gradient black graphic, yet still the white persists, this is most baffling!


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            Does anyone else have any ideas on what might be causing this problem, it's also present in the default skin we get shipped out to us in the Members area as you can see here:

            Click image for larger version

Name:	thumbbug.jpg
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Size:	37.4 KB
ID:	3672447

            I'd really like to be able to get this sorted out as it spoils dark skins having this glaring white behind thumbnails. It's a bit odd that the version of the default skin at this very site is different to the one we end up getting.


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