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Can't login if "Remember me" isn't checked

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  • Can't login if "Remember me" isn't checked

    I've found a few -old- threads with the same problem

    My cookies settings are the default:

    path: /

    And I've tried changing the domain to "blank"

    It's a general problem, nothing to do with my browser settings

    I've tested with the default template, and all hooks disabled..

    I don't know what else to check.

    This is the forum:

    This is the default template:

    User: test1234
    Pass: test

    If you DON'T check the "remember me" option, it welcomes you, but after the redirect you're no longer loged in.

    If you check "remember me", it works fine.

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    You already tried what I was going to suggest. But note the final paragraph of my canned response:


    Many portals and other addons will modify login forms and links to use full URLs which can cause these kinds of login problems. Sometimes you can fix this by editing the cookie domain:

    Admin CP -> vBulletin Options -> Cookies and HTTP Header Options

    Try using a cookie domain like this (which uses your domain name, including the beginning dot):

    That will make it so your forum cookies work from any subdomain of your domain, with or without "www". You will need to log out and login to your forum again for the changes to take effect. You may have to manually delete the cookies from your browser.


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      Apparently is an issue with the php sessions between the backends [we have 9 servers running the forums]

      We couldn't solve the problem yet, but I think there's the problem


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        Some server setups can cause problems with vBulletin's IP detection which can in turn cause problems with the login system. For example, some proxy setups will cause vBulletin to see only the IP of the proxy server and not the user.

        Do you have phpmyadmin on your server? If so, use it to examine the records in the "session" table. Check the IP addresses of the session records. Look for incorrect IPs.

        Problems with IP detection can usually be fixed by editing the "includes/class_core.php" file. Find this code:

        // fetch client IP address
        $registry->ipaddress = $this->fetch_ip();
        define('IPADDRESS', $registry->ipaddress);
        Replace it with this code:

        // fetch client IP address
        $registry->ipaddress = $this->fetch_alt_ip();
        define('IPADDRESS', $registry->ipaddress);
        Just add "_alt" so you get "fetch_alt_ip".


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          Thanks Jake,

          I think the problem is not with the IP, but with the session. I don't know if I can explain it right.

          Since the problem appears only when you don't mark the "remember me" option, it seems to be trying to renew the cookie each time a page is loaded. That's why you see the "welcome" message, but then if you are redirected to the home page into other backend, the session is lost and the cookie stops working. Maybe some problem with the php sessions shared between the backends.

          I'm waiting to my hosting company support to check this


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