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Mixing act as category & as forum

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  • Wayne Luke
    Set "Forum is Open" to no..

    Or set Act as Forum to No and copy the contents of your forumhome_forumbit_level2_post template into your forumhome_forumbit_level2_nopost template, overwriting the content of that template.

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  • Jaycee
    started a topic Mixing act as category & as forum

    Mixing act as category & as forum

    I have a particular forum that I basically want to turn into simply a container for subforums, so I never want it to contain posts/threads itself. Let me give an example to better illustrate what I'm doing. Here's a sample forum structure below:

    Forum Homepage
    - Cat1
    -- Forum 1
    -- Forum 2
    - Cat2
    -- Forum 3
    --- Cat3
    ---- Forum 4
    ---- Forum 5
    -- Forum 6

    So, in my case, I'd like Forum 3 to show on the homepage like any other forum, but when you click on it, it should not try to show threads or give the option to post in it. I know I can change the Forum 3 permissions to achieve this, but I do not want any of Forum 3's subforums to inherit those permissions (users should be able to post in them like normal). Is there a way to change Forum 3's permissions so that none of its subforums inherit the changes?

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