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  • New Posts view control?

    What setting controls which forums are viewable when a user clicks on the New Posts link in the navbar?

    I ask, as there are a few forums on my board not displaying in this view, yet I cannot figure out what sets that permission.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    They will see posts only in ever forums in which they have permission to view posts.
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      That's what I thought. I guess I have to do some digging around, as it is not working that way for all usergroups. I'll post up if I find anything out.


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        Got it corrected. It was due to permissions, that over time, appear to have faulted in in this view. Most of my permissions were noted as "custom" for almost all forums. I checked the usergroup base permissions, and then performed a reset permissions for all forums, and voila, fixed.


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