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  • prefix problem - move post

    Hey all...
    I did some searches but didn't see anything about this.

    I have some forums where prefixes are required. I do this for sorting purposes, but these threads also get moved from time to time. Moving the thread works fine, but we had one moderator that was using "move post" instead of move thread. This is where there is a problem. (I have tested this on a 3.8 and a 3.7 install and it's the same in both)

    Using "move post" pulls the post out of the thread (where the prefix is) and creates a new thread for it with the same subject as before (if you don't tell it put the post in another thread)
    The problem is that the new thread does not complain about the lack of prefix even though the forum requires all threads to have a prefix.

    While I can tell the moderator to use the "move thread" ability, this is a problem if your trying to require prefixes and have a lot of moderators as it's probably going to happen now and then by mistake.

    The "move post" needs to keep the same prefix as the original thread (just like it keeps the same subject line) or it needs to prompt you to enter a prefix, and complain if one is not added... Either way, the system should not be creating threads without a prefix in a forum that is set to require a prefix.

    Anyone have any ideas on how I can force it to keep the original prefix on a "move post"?

    Hope this makes it into the next version as a bug fix

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    That appears to be the normal behavior. Prefix requirements don't apply to thread moves. Of course you can edit the thread after the move to add the prefix.


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