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Logout due to password?

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  • Logout due to password?

    Saturday I changed my password.
    My new password has 16 characters!
    Since the change i always get logged out. (after a few minutes inactivity)
    I already removed the cookies, session time out is 3600 sec and i did not change the cookie path or anything else.

    Could the log out problem be due to the password length?
    And is there a way that the admin never logs out?

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    Many portals and other addons will modify login forms and links to use full URLs which can cause these kinds of login problems. Sometimes you can fix this by editing the cookie domain:

    Admin CP -> vBulletin Options -> Cookies and HTTP Header Options

    Try using a cookie domain like this (which uses your domain name, including the beginning dot):

    That will make it so your forum cookies work from any subdomain of your domain, with or without "www". You will need to log out and login to your forum again for the changes to take effect. You may have to manually delete the cookies from your browser.


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      The cookie domain is so that is not giving the problem...

      A snap shot of my Cookies and HTTP Header Options


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        Do you have any other domains parked on your site? Pay special attention to the URL when you get logged out. Is the domain portion of the URL changing at all?


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          I have 2 domains on the same pakkage at my host.
          Both have a seperate FTP account.
          One is my forum and the other is a website.

          I know that on the part of my forum is still the 'currupt' version from last week. (25/03/09)
          It olso seems that i am the only one who gets loged out...
          I don't see any changes on the URL when i get loged out.


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            A few members just informed me that they also get logged out.


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              Does the URL change? I can take a look if you give me a URL and login to your forum and instructions to reproduce the error. What exactly do I need to do to get logged out? Is there a specific link being clicked?


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                The url is
                You may create a new account.
                I get loged out with a refresh.
                The session time out is now set on 7200 sec and somtime i get logged out after 1 or 2 minutes...
                The strange thing is that not all members who came online today have this problemn.


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                  In that case please submit a trouble ticket with your forum and server logins:


                  But we will need instructions to reproduce the problem.


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                    Originally posted by Jake Bunce View Post
                    In that case please submit a trouble ticket with your forum and server logins:


                    But we will need instructions to reproduce the problem.
                    I have made a ticket and included the link to this topic.
                    I also included the login info for PHPMyAdmin and to my personal account on the forum.


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